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A Guide To Angelic Helpers: Choosing An Angel For Your Needs

AngelWho doesn’t need help these days? Whether it’s relationship issues, the economy or just everyday stress, having some assistance can definitely make life easier. While having a personal assistant would be great, most of us can’t afford one. So why not engage some spiritual help? Angels make great aides. They may not be able to help with errands and chores, but they can give you energy, strength and guidance to handle your problems.

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Money and Finances

Stressed out over finances? There are angels to guide you towards abundance. You can request their assistance in the same way, through prayer and intention. Call on them as you would the relationship angels and be sure to state your specific problem.

Among the money angels are: Barakiel, Gamaliel and Pathiel. Barakiel’s name means “God’s blessing.” He can help you achieve abundance and accept financial blessings. Gamaliel is very generous. If you suddenly find yourself running short of money, he will come to the rescue just in the nick of time. Pathiel can help you with long-term financial goals and manifestation.

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Personal and Family Relationships

There are many angels that deal with all types of relationships. You don’t even need to learn or know their names in order to receive their help. Just use prayer or intention to call upon them. You can ask, “Please send me a relationship angel to help with my issues.” Then state your specific problem. Also ask for a sign of their presence. You may feel a chill or change in energy when they arrive. You can even ask the angel to tell you his or her name.

The multitudes of heaven’s angels are waiting to assist you. It is not only their duty, but also their joy to provide help and guidance to humanity.

If you prefer to work with specific helpers by name, the following angels are happy to help: Ariel, Chamuel and Gadiel. They can all assist with relationships of any kind, but some have special individualized powers. Ariel can help bring order out of chaos, which comes in handy for families. Chamuel is known as the Archangel of true love. He can help you with romantic love or improving any existing relationships. Gadiel is perfect for damage control. If your relationship is in need of repair, call on him.

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Work, School and Career

The angels also want to help you in work, school and career related matters. Whether you need vocational guidance or help finding a job, call on the angels. You can ask God or Spirit to send you an angel to help with your needs or you can choose one of the specialists.

Michael, Gazardiel and Jehudiel can help you with specific goals. Most people are familiar with Archangel Michael. He has many talents and as leader of archangels he can inspire your own leadership abilities. If you’re feeling stuck at work or school, he can help you find your true path. Looking for a career change or a fresh start? Then call on Gazardiel, the angel of renewal. Jehudiel is known as the angel of work. He can help you find a new or better job.


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Like all the others, healing angels are ready and waiting to heed your call. You can ask for healing angels in general or you can choose them by name. Raphael, Zadkiel and Zerachiel are all available. Most people have heard of Archangel Raphael. He name means “God heals.” No question about his job! He can assist with any form of healing: physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Zadkiel is known as the angel of mercy and will help you alleviate suffering of any kind. Zerachiel can help with addictions and addictive behaviors. He is partial to helping children and children of addicts.

The multitudes of heaven’s angels are waiting to assist you. It is not only their duty, but also their joy to provide help and guidance to humanity. They are never too busy and no job is too big or small for them to handle. Invite them into you life!

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