A group of people saw a Bigfoot and then discovered its huge footprints

A strange creature resembling a Bigfoot scared the inhabitants of the Canadian province of British Columbia. This is reported by the Canadian newspaper The Star.

On the evening of December 25, 2020, four friends driving along the highway near the city of Silverton noticed a huge figure on the side of the road. According to them, creature resembled a very large man or a grizzly bear standing on its hind legs.

The creature quickly dropped to four legs and disappeared into the thickets. Friends stopped the car, photographed mysterious footprints and sent the pictures to cryptozoologists.

“We found a wide variety of tracks, and some looked especially disturbing. These were the footprints of a two-legged creature leading into the forest in a straight line. I was a little scared when I saw their size. And they were definitely not bear paws”, said Erica Spin-d’Sousa.

Also, when these people looked at the footprints, one of them felt a kind of “presence in the forest”, and then they all began to feel as if someone was watching them.

According to the head of Bigfoot Field Research Group and the host of the program “Finding Bigfoot” on Animal Planet, Matt Moneymaker, a fake or a prank is out of the question.

“The untouched snow surrounding the footprints proves that the footprints are not fabricated by humans,” he explains.

“The length of the stride exceeds the capabilities of a person trying to move through snowdrifts up to the knee. The traces of the dragging and the depth show that the jumping hare could not have left them. The linear character of the tracks indicates that it was not a bear.”

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