A ghost appeared on a bus monitor in Singapore

This video (see below) went viral on Singapore’s social media the other day and sparked a lively discussion about whether it was real or a hoax.

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The driver of a large double-decker bus could not go home after his shift, because the equipment showed the presence of passengers in the cabin. Monitor showed a strange anomaly in the form of a black human silhouette in the cabin.

In particular, on the monitor of the surveillance camera installed on the second floor of the bus, a dark human silhouette was clearly visible, sitting on one of the chairs.

However, when the driver went into the cabin a few seconds later and checked everything there, he did not find a single person there, all the seats were empty.

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The incident reportedly took place last Friday, and the video went viral on Monday, February 13, when it was uploaded to the Facebook page of a local paranormal group.

The driver was stunned by what had happened, and also very annoyed, since the presence of a passenger in the cabin, even a ghostly one, did not allow him to leave the bus and go home.

Finding that the cabin was actually empty, the man began to beg the ghost to leave the bus. After that, no one was visible on the monitor.

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Many comments were left under the video, including one woman who wrote that this driver was her husband and that strange things had happened to him in this job before and he complained to her about it.

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