A flying UFO was spotted in an episode of Columbo in 1972

In an episode of the popular 1972 detective show Columbo, attentive viewers noticed a white spherical UFO that suddenly appeared above the heroes, flew a little to the side and disappeared after a few seconds.

The UFO appears in season 2 episode 3 (titled “The Most Important Game”) at about 59 minutes, at the moment when the characters of Peter Falk and Val Avery are having a conversation, standing on the Santa Monica Pier.

A white UFO-ball suddenly appears over the sea, as if smoothly “flying” out of the portal and disappears in the same way — it smoothly goes out after a few seconds.

In those distant times there were no drones, except perhaps for some wind-up children’s airplanes, which the object does not look like at all. It also does not look like a flying balloon or a bird.

The version that this is a small plane, a parachutist or some other athlete does not stand up to criticism, since such objects do not suddenly appear in the air and do not disappear into nowhere.

Also, the object does not look like fireworks or a flare launched into the air.

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