A famous astrophysicist said that soon we will see a UFO

A well-known astrophysicist said that we will soon see UFOs.

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In an interview with The Guardian, infamous Harvard astrophysicist Avi Loeb said that perhaps in a few months we will see the first sufficiently detailed image that can be irrefutable evidence that UFOs are alien spacecraft.

It is Avi Loeb who claims that the unusual interstellar object Oumuamua is a spacecraft that was created by extraterrestrial intelligence.

In recent months and years, Loeb has attracted a lot of public attention with his confident claims that there are technologically advanced alien civilizations.

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Last year, he founded the Galileo Project, which aims to provide evidence of alien technology by building a global network of telescopes, cameras and computers to study UFOs.

Loeb’s Galileo project has a team of more than a hundred scientists. According to the Harvard professor, this summer the first telescope of the project will start working from the roof of the Harvard College Observatory.

The telescope will use infrared cameras to capture video of the sky around the clock and is equipped with a radio sensor, an audio sensor and a magnetometer to detect invisible objects.

The computer will use artificial intelligence to analyze data, Loeb said, ignoring objects like birds, drones, planes and meteors and focusing on any objects “not man-made.”

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Thus, Avi Loeb is confident that the project will provide the general public with indisputable evidence of the existence of UFOs.

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