A disc-shaped UFO flew demonstratively during a news release

UFOOver Sao Paulo (Brazil), a mysterious flying object was captured during a storm. Most viewers of the Brazil Urgente news agency watched the disc-shaped object fly.

In amazing footage, an unidentified flying object appears over Sao Paulo and flies over the city. All this took place in live TV broadcasts.

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First, the TV presenter reports an impending storm, and a few seconds later, a UFO appears to the right of the screen, which as if defiantly sweeps before the eyes of eyewitnesses and disappears after 10 seconds.

Several YouTube channels covering UFO sightings have posted this video. According to commentators, the unidentified flying object has no wings and looks like a flying stone.

The airship cannot move that fast, and judging by the buildings below, this object has simply gigantic size. The drone cannot have such dimensions, eyewitnesses say.

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