A creepy deer with hairy eyeballs was found in the USA

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The American site “National Deer Association” dedicated to deer and hunting for them, recently published an article about the discovered deer with a unique anomaly in its eyes.

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Deer has both eyeballs overgrown with wool, the most common wool, the same as on the whole body of the deer. And he looked absolutely creepy. As reported in the article, this is just the second of two known cases in the history of the discovery of deer with a similar anomaly.

The deer was spotted by an unnamed hunter in Farragut, a suburb of Knoxville, in eastern Tennessee. It happened back at the end of August 2020. The man immediately noticed that the deer was moving very strangely in a circle and as if he had not seen people nearby, there were traces of blood on his body, and his eyes were covered with something incomprehensible.

When the hunter reported the sick deer to the police and animal control officers, they tracked down the deer and shot him, and his head with creepy eyes was placed in the freezer so that later biologists could study it.

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Veterinarians at the University of Georgia tested deer tissue and found an epizootic hemorrhagic disease that explained the bleeding, unusual reactions to humans, and circling. However, with this disease, the eyes of deer are very ordinary, they do not overgrow with wool.

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It was necessary to conduct another thorough investigation, and then the veterinarians discovered that the deer had so-called dermoids in front of the eyes – this is a cell pathology that forms during embryonic development, when the same skin grows on the surface of the cornea of ​​the eye as on the whole body.

The deer looked about one and a half years old, that is, it turns out that all this time he passed with such eyes. However, veterinarian Nicole Nemeth believes that after birth, the pathology of the deer was not yet so pronounced and for some time he could still slightly distinguish the world around him.

Most often, dermoid formations are found in dogs and cows, but they are extremely rare in deer. Because of the dermoids in the eyes, the animal is essentially blind, but otherwise it is quite healthy.

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