Mouth of a sea lamprey

A creepy blood-sucking creature “crawled” ashore and scared the fisherman

Mouth of a sea lamprey
Mouth of a sea lamprey
A fisherman from the Netherlands found a huge and rare fish-parasite in the lake.

It is noted that Thomas van der Es was fishing on a lake in Blisboch National Park and noticed birds circling over one place on the lake. Later, the man noticed that a giant creature resembling an eel had come up from there.

A man photographed a monster and sent it to scientists.

Researchers found that the fisherman discovered a rare parasite – sea lamprey. People see these fish once every 10-20 years.

The sea lamprey has an eel-like body without paired fins. Its mouth is jawless, round and sucker-like, and as wide or wider than the head; sharp teeth are arranged in many consecutive circular rows.

Lampreys have hundreds of sharp teeth with which they dig into fish and suck out blood until they die.

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  1. There is nothing monstrous about it! While it is an ancient species it is quite delicious to eat. When I was a teen we used to catch them by hand when they moved up the rivers to spawn in the month of June. The use the same spawning beds as the Salmon who arrive around September and spawn in December..

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