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A Bigfoot-Woman Captured on video in Bashkiria

According to local legends, the Birsky district of Bashkiria is full of mythical creatures. Igor Burtsev, candidate of historical sciences, went to the republic to personally see them.

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It is worth noting that a man has been fond of hominology for half a century (the study of hominids).

Before investigating the Birsky district, Burtsev received a video from frightened eyewitnesses, thanks to which the scientist accurately determined that the locals had encountered a yeti woman. This was indicated by the bulge of the creature.

The expert, along with his colleagues at the entrance to the Bashkir forest, immediately noticed fresh footsteps. Most likely one of the unknown humanoids left them.

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“They everywhere… Everyone needs to walk as carefully and carefully as possible”, said Igor Burtsev.

Update: Unfortunately, the original video has been removed. Below you can see the edited video.

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If the video is blocked, you can see another one here.

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