9 years of life people spend on smartphones

The research company WhistleOut found out how much modern people spend on smartphones every day.

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As part of the study, 1,000 people were surveyed from three groups – “boomers” (born 1946-1964), “generation X” (1965-1980) and “millennials” (1981-1996). They were asked how much time on average they spend on smartphones every day.

It turned out that all three groups have a slight difference in smartphone use. Boomers spend an average of 2.5 hours on them, generation X 3 hours, and millennials 3.7 hours. It turns out that the younger a person is, the more time he devotes himself to technology.

If you take life expectancy and assume that this figure won’t change over time, millennials will end up spending 9 years on smartphones. For comparison: on average, a person spends 15 to 30 years on sleep, depending on life expectancy.

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Modern smartphones show how much the owner looks at the screen every day – there is a special function for this in the iOS and Android settings. You can check your average screen usage and calculate how long it takes each year.

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