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9 Warning Signs Your House Maybe Haunted

haunting-signsDo you think your house could possibly be haunted? It’s not exactly a pleasant thought, but millions of people feel very strongly that they are sharing a living space with spirits and entities they don’t understand. Here are 9 easy ways to help assess whether you are living with some unwanted haunted guests:

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1. Electricity Issues

Are you having problems with the electricity in your house? Are your light bulbs shorting out? Do your batteries burn out quickly? Does it happen in certain areas of the house? Ghost are known for borrowing energy from certain sources.

2. Unexplained Sounds

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Do you hear random rapping sounds at night? Try getting it to answer one tap for yes and two taps for no. If you get an answer, you surely have a house guest who isn’t paying rent.

3. Extreme temperature changes

Do you experience extreme temperature highs or lows in different parts of the house? It has been said when there is a restless spirit around, people will experience shifts in temperature. Some people have felt ghosts walk right through them, which is said to be a bone chilling sensation.

4. Strange Smells

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Do you smell random scents like cigar or cigarette smoke, or maybe a woman’s perfume? This is called clairscent. It is the ability to smell a fragrance that is not physically there.

5. Sleeping much?

Do you have nightmares or strange dreams regularly? When you wake up in the middle of the night do you see shadows or figures? The in-between liminal sleep state is the easiest way to connect with the dead.

6. Trust your gut and intuition

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Always trust your gut and intuition. If your intuition is telling you your house is haunted, it probably is.

7. Do you get goose bumps?

Do you get goose bumps every time you walk into a certain room like the basement or attic? Does the hair on the back of your neck start standing up for no reason? Goose bumps can be a sure sign that your house has some ghostly visitors.

8. Ghost photography

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When you take pictures do you see orbs or faces in the pictures? Do you get waves of light? Try asking the ghost if it will allow you to photograph it and see what appears.

9. Ghost hunter toolbox

There are various types of equipment that you can purchase to see what might be lurking in the basement. A ghost box will generate words and sentences from a series of radio stations. See if someone answers you when you start asking it questions. You can also try an EVP recorder. You can leave it in the room you believe to be haunted overnight and play it back to see what you hear. You can also try a comprehensive EMF Reader, which will detect any electromagnetic frequencies in the room.

If one or more of these tests prove to be true, you may very well have a roommate who isn’t paying rent. If your haunted visitors are scaring the living daylights out of you, it is recommended to seek help on entity removal. Seek a professional who can safely remove the ghost and/or help them cross over to the other side and move on. Fear can feed the energy of ghosts so it is important to feel empowered in your own space.

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By Nadia Shapiro – Nadia Shapiro is a professional psychic medium, healer, author, and teacher. You can find out more about her here:

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