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8-Month-Old vegan baby eats dirt, sand and stones

The 22-year-old American has become famous online for allowing her eight-month-old son Fern to eat dirt, sand, and stones, reports Daily Mail.

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Alice Bender from Phoenix, Arizona, claims her breast milk will protect Fern from any germs. The woman is raising her son as a vegan and believes that there is nothing unnatural in the fact that babies begin to eat sand and stones.

“I am not afraid of bacteria, quite the contrary. I trust nature and my son. It cannot be an accident that babies chew everything while breastfeeding. It’s a natural instinct,” Bender wrote.

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In addition to rocks, sand and dirt, the woman allows Fern to gnaw on other items and even lick the carts in the supermarket.

There was an active discussion on Bender’s TikTok page. Some users supported her and said that the child will develop a strong immune system.

At the same time, others were horrified by what they saw and asked if the progressive mother was afraid that Fern would pick up parasites or simply choke.

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“I am afraid for the future of our country,” said one commentator.

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