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7 Signs Proving That An Angel Is With You

Angel clockAngels exist on a different vibrational frequency to humans, and most of us are therefore unable to seet hem but we can often feel their presence around us.

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Angels have a way of making their presence known and it is not necessary to be deeply religious or to have a strong spiritualbelief to sense the presence of an angel.

1. Different colored lights may appear from nowhere

You may see shafts of light streaming down or shooting across the room or may catch glimpses or sparks of light or notice shadows. Do not be afraid, you will not see an angel appearing until you are ready to, and angels of course have no desire to harm you.

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2. You may hear angelic voices trying to communicate to you

If the voice is merely a whisper or is muffled, send a mental message for the angel to speak louder. Do not assume that the angelic voice you are hearing is a product of your imagination.

3. The temperature in the room may change

You may feel a sudden rush of warm air or a warm glow surrounding you. You may also get goose bumps or tingling at the back of your neck or head.

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4. An intriguing fragrance may appear out of nowhere

It may be an unusual aroma that you have never smelt before, and you will probably not be able to identify it.

5. Angels may appear to you in you dream state with a solution to a particular problem

By the morning, you will feel more positive and clearer about which direction to take…

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6. White feathers may suddenly appear in the most unlikely and unexpected of place

This is a sure sign that the angels are with you and are ready to answer your prayers.

7. You may feel as if there is someone in the room with you

(As if someone has just brushed past you) or you may experience the sensation that a presence is standing behind you perhaps with their hands on your shoulders.

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Often the angels will make their presence very obvious. A common experience is when you are in a bookshop or a library perhaps unconsciously looking for guidance and suddenly a book will fly off a shelf and drop at your feet.

This is angels at work, trust in them and you will receive more signs.

They are here to help us on life path.

By Linda Preston

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