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65-foot humanoid found on Google Earth maps in Antarctica

The world-famous virtual archaeologist Scott Waring discovered an incredibly large silhouette of humanoid in one of the images of Antarctica. It is located next to the entrance to a huge cave, which was captured by a satellite and displayed on the Google Earth map.

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The mysterious creature has been poorly studied so far, but according to preliminary estimates, it becomes clear that its height reaches about 65-foot.

At the same time, the entrance to the cave, which is located nearby, is slightly higher and is about 75 feet. This option is a great place for such a large creature to live because it can easily enter the cave.

The photo itself and Scott Waring’s assumptions were posted on the Internet, where they immediately went viral. A huge number of users began to express their opinions on this matter, but they were divided.

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Of course, it was not without the intervention of skeptics who are sure that there is some kind of shadow or a huge block of ice in the photo, but definitely not a giant creature.

In addition, archaeologists have repeatedly found huge skeletons that closely resemble human-like creatures.

What did Scott Waring actually discover?

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