6 Widespread Types Of Hauntings

haunted-houseA lot of people have claimed that they are living in haunted houses. It’s not at all times simple to decipher if a house is haunted or if what is being seen, or heard, is part of the regular daily happenings of the home.

It’s also hard to tell which type of haunting an individual is experiencing. The following is some information about the six main types of hauntings.

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Residual Haunting

Residual hauntings aren’t as common as intelligent ones. Residual hauntings occur when something traumatic has happened. The traumatic event could have been a murder or abuse. The negative energy from the incident leaves an imprint of the event behind for the living to watch. There is no interaction between the entities and the living. The living being just sees the traumatic event happen over and over again.

Shadow People

Shadow hauntings are not the same as ghost or demon haunting. Shadow people are shapeless, dark masses that are usually seen in a person’s line of peripheral vision.

These entities do not have any human features at all. They are considered non-human entities because when a person encounters them there is no feeling of the shadow people being or once being human. Shadow people have been seen gliding through walls.

Poltergeist Haunting

This is one of the most common types of haunting. Poltergeists are mischievous entities that like to wreak havoc on the living. These entities make noise, move and throw objects, interfere with electronic signals and assault humans and animals. These types of activity usually start and stop abruptly. The duration of a poltergeist haunting can be anywhere from weeks to years. Poltergeist activity is usually centered on one person in the household.

Intelligent Haunting

This type of haunting takes place when someone dies, but has a reason to linger before crossing over to the other side. The ghost may have unfinished business, or an emotional attachment to a person or place. These entities can, and often do, interact with the living.

It is believed that these ghosts sometimes need assistance from humans to complete their unfinished tasks. There are many ways that these entities communicate with the living including; moving objects, turning electronics on and off, making noise, cold spots, and opening and closing doors. This is a more common type of haunting.

Demon Activity

A demon is a supernatural being that has never had a mortal body. Demons are pure energy entities that like to torment the living. These entities interact with people and gain pleasure from their tormenting ways. Demon haunting is very rare.

Doppelganger Haunting

This type of haunting is also very rare. It is also a very dangerous type of haunting. Doppelganger haunting is believed to be many things including; a bringer of misfortune, the evil twin and the bringer of death.

The main characteristic of this type of haunting is that the person sees his/her twin in various locations over a period of a few, to several, days. Eventually the person who is being haunted suffers a great misfortune. It is believed that this type of haunting has lead to the death of the person.

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