6 Signs That Prove You’re An Earth Angel

Earth Angels are certain people in the world spread Light and promote positive change. They don’t tolerate hate, violence or oppression and just want to live in a world of harmony and love.

Old souls, they do not necessarily fit in the contemporary high-tech world or want to. They’re more concerned with finding bringing joy, and light into the lives of everyone they meet.

Exuding pure and positive energy, they’re passionate about improving the world and solving the issues in it.

Earth Angels are often Unaware of the power they have inside nor do They know the impact they have on other people’s lives. But, there are ways to tell if you’re an earth angel.


An Earth angel’s mission is to spread joy and solve the problems of the world. Not exactly an easy task, so it is no surprise that Earth Angels can feel frustrated and disillusioned by the world around them.

They will take the problems of the world deeply personally and can Feel depressed by the continuous stream of bad news. At times they might even hide away from the world, as they attempt to have a rest from the negativity.

As anxious creatures, they could feel uncomfortable in large groups and overbearing social situations.


Earth angels enjoy an alone time when they could recharge their Batteries and take stock of what is going on in life. It can also be a healing process, giving them time to recover from any wounds inflicted on them. Solitude also gives them time to reflect on their character and try to improve themselves, something they are constantly trying to do.


Contemporary life is based on logic, but Earth Angels are more likely to base their decisions on emotions and intuitions. Their deeply emotional connection to the world and people in it, meaning that they let their instinct guide them through life.


If you feel profoundly empathetic towards others and desperate to Help those in distress, you could be an Earth Angel. Earth angels will do anything they can to help anyone, whether it’s a family member or someone they encounter on the road. It hurts them to see others in pain, are distressed to soothe and help those in trouble.

Rather than using logic, they rely on instinct and the belief the World to deliver them positive people and experiences. Normally, they do so through spiritual practices.


Earth angels struggle to understands the expectations and limitations of modern society. Why do we work so much? Why do we place so much value on material possessions? Why are there still wars and injustice in the world and why are not people doing more to change this?

These are just some of the questions that confuse Earth Angels about Society, so it’s no surprise that they feel most at home when they draw from it. Many live”off the grid” or an alternative lifestyle where they Can fulfill their role and purpose without needing to conform.


Earth angels are driven by a deeper purpose in life and would not Dream of living a”normal” life. They need to achieve, make their mark and live by the rules they set for themselves rather than what society expects of them.

Unable to live an unfulfilled life, they often work as humanitarians, Social workers, healers or any profession they could assist people.

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