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6 reasons why ancient Egypt is linked to alien visits

Ancient Egypt remains one of the most mysterious periods in human history. It impresses with its achievements in architecture, mathematics, medicine and many other fields.

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But what if there are supernatural explanations for these achievements? What if the ancient Egyptians received help from alien civilizations? In this article, we will look at 6 interesting reasons why many associate Ancient Egypt with aliens.

1. Alien pyramids

The construction of the pyramids of Giza still raises many questions among scientists. How could people transport huge blocks of stone without the use of technology like a wheel? How could they put them in place one by one to create the Great Pyramid of Giza?

Many believe that this was only possible with the help of alien technology. Also the pyramids are aligned with Orion’s belt, suggesting a connection with extraterrestrial visitors.

2. Hieroglyphs

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In ancient Egypt, there are several hieroglyphs depicting aircraft, alien creatures and giants. These symbols can be interpreted in different ways, but few authors believe that they indicate that aliens were related to ancient Egypt.

For example, the Tulli Papyrus describes the appearance of flying saucers during the reign of Pharaoh Thutmose III. Some also point to the Abydos helicopter, a carving that resembles a modern helicopter.

3. Alien mummies

Sir William Petrie, an English archaeologist, allegedly kept mummies of alien origin in his private collection. Some even claim that these works are in the secret room of the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem. These mummies are said to have elongated skulls, large eyes and small noses and mouths, resembling the typical image of a grey alien. However, there is no conclusive evidence that these mummies are authentic or alien.

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The Inquisitr decided to dig further and was able to confirm that the prestigious Petri Museum of Egyptian Archaeology has in their possession a grandiose collection of ancient Egyptian and Sudanese items which include ancient Egyptian “firsts,” such as the “oldest linen” and “oldest dress” from ancient Egypt (5,000 B.C.).

The Petri Museum also displays some of the earliest examples of Metallurgy in Ancient Egypt.

However, as the Inquisitr indicates they were NOT able to confirm that the museum has displayed ‘Alien Artifacts’ discovered in Egypt, nor recovered from a secret room in Petrie’s residence in Jerusalem.

4. Electricity

Some scholars believe that ancient Egypt had evidence of advanced technology, including access to electricity. They point to Dendera’s light bulb and Baghdad’s batteries as evidence.

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Dendera’s light bulb is a relief in the Temple of Hathor that shows a snake inside a lotus flower, which some interpret as a representation of an electric lamp. Baghdad’s batteries are clay pots that contain iron rods and copper cylinders, which some think could produce electric current when filled with an acidic liquid.

Ancient battery

5. A few riddles

Other mysteries associated with ancient Egyptian civilization include the absence of mummies in the Great Pyramid and the absence of hieroglyphs detailing the purpose of the pyramids.

Some researchers suggest that the pyramids were not tombs but power plants or communication devices for aliens. Others wonder how the ancient Egyptians knew about pi and phi, two mathematical constants that are encoded in the dimensions of the pyramids.

6. Mythology

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The ancient Egyptian mythology is full of gods and goddesses who have animal heads and human bodies, such as Anubis, Horus and Bastet. Some argue that these hybrid beings are evidence of genetic engineering by aliens who created them as experiments or servants. Others propose that the ancient Egyptians were descendants of aliens who came from Sirius or Orion.

The mythology of ancient Egypt is also associated with aliens. Some gods, such as Ra, have been described as coming to Earth from outer space. This may be evidence that the ancient Egyptians saw alien beings.

But even if that’s not enough, we have the Turin Royal Canon, an ancient papyrus that proves that “gods” ruled ancient Egypt. The last two lines of the Turin Royal Canon are especially interesting:

“… Pharaoh Shemsu-Khor ruled for 13,420 years; pharaoh before Shemsu-Hor, 23,200 years.”

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A total of 36,620 years. The pharaohs ruled for 36,620 years. Who could live so long except for the “gods from the stars”?

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