Just like in GoT fantasy: 5,000-year-old crystal dagger found in prehistoric tomb

Prehistoric items were mostly made of stone and flint, but the latest find in Spain was different. Archaeologists have discovered a crystal dagger made five thousand years ago.

The weapon was found in the tomb of Montelirio Tolos, which was excavated from 2007 to 2010. Experts from the University of Granada noted the technical complexity of the product. The dagger was made by a true professional in his field.

Scientists have estimated the age of the find at five thousand years. Its length was 22 cm. Together with the dagger, ten arrowheads were kept in the tomb, which were also made of crystal.

The tomb was far from the nearest crystal mine. This indicates that the then elite gave a lot of money for such weapons. Perhaps crystal items served to communicate with the Gods and conduct various rituals.

The excavations were organized jointly with researchers from the Universities of Granada and Seville, as well as with the Spanish Supreme Research Council.

The tomb is 43 meters long and is located at the bottom of the Guadalquivir Valley. Rock crystals were present in many of the rooms.

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