5 Unexplained Discoveries

historyIt is somewhat difficult and a bit troubling for some to live in a world where science can explain just about anything thrown at it. Science has such an accurate understanding of our environment and the world around us that it seems to easily explain anything that wonders into its path, but there have been discoveries that have baffled even the best scientific minds and perhaps provide evidence of alien life, new species, or other variety of the paranormal.

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The Antikythera Mechanism

This ancient device has been dubbed the first “mechanical computer” by many archeologists and by all accounts, given our current understanding of human history, should not exist. It is a box that has a complex system of gears and utilizes knowledge and technology that should not have existed until the 18th century and yet it dates back to 100-150 BC. Scientists have reversed engineered the mechanism and have determined it was used as an astronomical analog calculator used to predict the positions of celestial bodies.

Antikythera Mechanism

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How did the ancient Greeks obtain this sort of knowledge and technology to build such an elaborate device? The theories range from knowledge from a long lost advanced civilization to knowledge gained from communication with extraterrestrials. I think that we have simply sold the Greeks short on what they were capable of.

Here is why: you know those doors that open automatically as you walk toward them like the Enterprise had in Star Trek and every sci-fi movie space ship has, because in the future we don’t have time to open doors? The ancient Romans had those. It operated using steam and pressure. So the Romans could build that then the Greeks building this mechanical wonder does not seem out of the question to me.

Baigong Pipes

In rural China, in a location that is considered to be uninhabitable to humans, there are three openings in Mount Baigong that contain hundreds of rustic iron pipes. Some of the pipes run deep into the mountain, others run to a nearby lake. There are more pipes in the lake bottom and there are pipes scattered along the shoreline.

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The pipes are cleanly cut and not jagged, so they appear to have had a use at one time. This all seems mundane: some pipes sticking out of the ground in China, but archeologists dated the pipes to a time when humanity was just getting familiar with fire, making casting iron impossible.

Baigong Pipes

Some ufologists think that the pipes were part of some sort of UFO landing site or alien complex. They cite that the pipes contain silica, which is also found on Mars, as evidence, but it is important to note that silica can be found in lots of cast iron materials. What purpose did these pipes serve and who put them there? Many have simply written off the Baigong pipes as a hoax, but doing this ignores the fact that the iron pipes date back to over 5,000 years ago. My explanation is that the world of Super Mario existed at some point.

The Piri Reis map

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The map was incredibly accurate for its time and it is interesting that it also depicts the mythical island of Antillia, which is said to be the location of cities made of gold.


Many different theories about how a map from the 1500s is this accurate range from people suggesting we simply need to change our views on how well explored the world was during this time period to an ancient advanced civilization helped Reis create the map. I find it important to note that the map was drawn on the hide of a gazelle, so to me this explains everything. As we all know GPS’s are made from gazelle hide.

The Bloop

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In 1997 the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) were recording the sounds of the ocean, not for like those crappy CDs some people buy to relax, but they dropped a high-powered recording device in the deep ocean to record the sounds of whale calls and other natural underwater activity. The NOAA picked up a bizarre and very strong low frequency sound they named “Bloop” because when it was sped up at 16 times the normal speed it made a sound similar to that of someone throwing a rock in the water, *bloop*.


They recorded the sound several times in 1997 then it stopped. What scientists determined was that its wave pattern was consistent with sounds that animals produce. So it was probably a whale right? Wrong! There is no known animal large enough to produce a noise that loud. In fact, the “bloop” was several times louder than the loudest known biological sound, which is produced by a blue whale.

The good folks at the NOAA also ruled out the possibility of a bomb, submarine, or other man made noise as well as geological noises like volcanoes and earthquakes as the frequency did not match. In my mind that leaves only three possibilities to what made this incredible noise: 1) Cloverfield Monster; 2) Cthulhu ;or lastly some other large unknown deep-sea dwelling creature that could possibly all ready be known to cryptozoologists.

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The Baghdad Battery

When excavating a site in Iraq an archeological team discovered what they thought were clay pots. The archeologists further studied the pottery and discovered that there was a copper wire cemented into the bottom of the pot. The wire exhibited the telltale signs of acidic corrosion. This means that an acidic solution was probably put into the pot, which would interact with the copper wire and produce electricity. The pot appeared to be an ancient battery and when dated it predated the first battery by hundreds of years.

Baghdad Battery

There is ancient art also found in the area that depicts what appears to be artificial light, but this is not uncommon to the ancient art of the area. Most experts have associated the light with God, but now many have began linking the pictures to the Baghdad Battery suggesting that ancient people had access to electricity. Others believe that ancient people did not have the knowledge to harness the batteries’ power to create an artificial light source and instead suggest the batters were used by healers and witch doctor types of the time to shock people as a sort of ancient magic show.

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Author: Jonathan Kaulay, source: paranormalhaze.com

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