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5 Serial Killers Whose Spirit Remains After Death

When it comes to the supernatural realm, logic and theory go right out the window. Many believe in ghosts, and millions of people will attest that they have had a frightening encounter.

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Seeing is believing, and the paranormal world is one that is hard to understand. Are ghosts nothing more than restless spirits that are looking for vengeance from beyond the grave? Are ghosts quantum echoes of violent information from the past?

According to, ghosts are sentient relics so powerful that even death cannot hold them down. Take, for instance, famous serial killers throughout history. To this day, their presences haunt and torment anyone who approaches them or the area they are drawn too.

Ronald DeFeo Jr.

The famous Amityville Horror Movie is the site to one of the most critically acclaimed haunting accounts in history. It was a chilly night on November 13, 1974, when six people were found shot to death. It was discovered that Ronald DeFeo Jr. committed the crimes.

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It was his own family he shot to death in cold blood. Official testimony from the trial stated that the voices in his head told him to kill his parents and siblings. The house attracted media attention due to the amount of paranormal activity that ensued.

Though some say it was a hoax, the Lutz family states otherwise. They moved into the home after the murders and left for fear of their lives. Is the evil that encapsulated Ronald DeFeo still alive in that home? Or is there some other ghost-like entity that motivated him? This is one supernatural case that may never be solved, but anyone who would kill their own family is likely dabbling forces darker than we can comprehend.

Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy is one of the most notorious serial killers in history. He confessed to killing at least 30 women across six different states. His final days were spent in the Florida State Prison. He was killed by the electric chair in January of 1989.

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In 2001, a guard was on duty and was in the location of the infamous electric chair. He claimed to see Bundy sitting there all smiles. After this incidence, more guards came forward and said that they saw the same thing. When they tried to approach Bundy’s ghost, it vanished.

Some say that the strong emotions that were experienced by him in that very room have led his spirit to haunt this location. He was cremated, and his ashes spread in Washington State, per his request. However, to this day, many inmates and workers in the correctional facility, still see Bundy throughout the prison.

Jack The Ripper

In Whitehall England, Jack the Ripper killed five prostitutes in 1888. He was never caught, and to this day, no one truly knows who he was. He sent notes to the newspaper to alert them each time he killed.

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Some theorize that he was actually a woman, but whatever evil prompted these murders apparently lives on today. 29 Hanbury Street in Whitehall is one of the most haunted places according to its owners and visitors. Not only is Ripper supposed to be seen here, but also Annie Chapman, one of his victims.

Though she is with a man when seen, folks assume this apparition is the departed killer. Since his identity was truly never known, it is hard to say who or what is haunting this area. The same apparition has been seen at the Ten Bells Pub too, another location of a killing. These places where negative energy occurred seems to be charged with paranormal activity. Will the case ever be solved, or is the ghost still trying to communicate from beyond the grave?

Jeffry Dahmer

He was known as the “Milwaukee Cannibal.” While being a serial killer has a certain amount of evil attached to it, eating your victims takes it to a whole new level. Between the years of 1978 and 1991, he killed 17 men.

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Not only did he rape, torture, and kill these men, but he also dismembered their bodies. Dahmer was beaten to death inside a Wisconsin prison. As a serial killer, he was unique in the fact that most do not eat their victims.

Dahmer was originally from Bath, Ohio. His childhood home is said to be the spot of major activity. He also committed his first murder here too. It seems that this restless spirit longs to find the comforts of his early childhood and the place he called home.

Paranormal enthusiasts can rent the home for $10,000 a month. The home has been a tough sell since the massive murders tainted the atmosphere. Trying to build on the ghostly influence, the current owners rent it out to those who want to collect EVP and other data.

John Wayne Gacy

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Everything changed back between 1972 and 1978 in Cook County, Illinois; it will never be the same. John Wayne Gacy was a troubled man who had a horrific childhood. He went on to sexually abuse and kill 33 young men.

Known as the “Clown Killer,” Gacy was put to rest on May 10, 1994, by lethal injection. Most of the bodies were found buried under his home in the crawlspace. There were eight bodies never found.

The address of the home is 8213 W. Summerdale Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. The current owners say that the home has changed hands numerous times. They often hear screams in the middle of the night and see bloody apparitions appearing.

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Through EVP and other sessions, they believe they have made contact with what may be the famous killer himself. An exorcism was performed at the house and the grave of the killer. Nothing seems to be working. Both places still report great amounts of paranormal activity.

What Beckons From Beyond The Grave

There have been so many stories of killers coming back and haunting from beyond the grave. Take for instance Lizzie Bordon. Though not a serial killer by definition, she was accused of killing her father and step-mother. The home where the murders took place is now a bed and breakfast.

Guests can sleep in the room where the step-mother was found dead.

What most of these people have in common is a troubled childhood that developed into a twisted adulthood. Even in death these tortured souls can find no peace.

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The residual energy left behind from these horrific events taints these areas and homes for all time. Real haunted houses do exist. The question is whether this paranormal information is sentient or not.


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  1. This is a great paranormal story. According to a dozen paranormal investigators, Jeffrey Dahmer’s been haunting a man from his past for the past 31-years, placing thoughts and images into his subconscious while he sleeps. With the use of a sprit box on-site, 4480 West Bath Rd Bath Ohio, Dahmer ushered out the man’s name several times, (Richard) still declaring his profound love for him after death. A man he loved deeply; he met the man in 1964. Nine days before Dahmer’s arrest, July 13, 1991, he gave this man three boxes of keeps sakes. Dahmer kept this forbidden homosexual love affair hidden all his life, taking his secret into his death. December 2021. Jeffrey Dahmer reaches out from the grave to former Army Bunk-mate, Billy Capshaw. 41-years after the fact, Billy Capshaw gets his stolen property back. We read this on Facebook last week. We find it hair raising, Billy Capshaw was one of Jeffrey Dahmer’s surviving victims in Baumholder Germany back in 1981. Now 31 years later Capshaw gets his property back by mail? Hmmm. How did Jeffrey Dahmer return this Item he stole from Billy Capshaw from the grave is what inquiring minds want to know? Rumor has it, the Item was tucked inside one of the boxes, and the man remained the gatekeeper to Capshaw property. This story is so cool, like a wildfire, it’s just now spreading. Jason Ripley

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