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5 Reincarnation Stories that Gives You Goosebumps

Reincarnation is still often considered a strange oriental concoction in the Western world. This view is outdated. For over 80 years serious studies have been done on children with spontaneous statements about memories of a past life.

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The American psychiatrist Jim Tucker of the University of Virginia is conducting research into reincarnation. All his subjects are children. Their memories of past lives usually disappear when they are six to seven years old.


One of the children Tucker studied is Sam Taylor. He was born 1.5 years after the death of his grandfather. When Sam was just a year old, he began talking about a previous life.

At the time his father spared his diaper, he looked up and he said: “When I was your age, I changed your diapers.” He also told us that the sister of his grandfather was killed and his grandmother had a device to make milkshakes for his grandfather. According to Sams parents he could not have been obtained in a normal way this information.


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The only five-year-old Ryan told about his meeting with Marilyn Monroe, claimed that movie legend Rita Hayworth used to be one of his best friends and explained how it went behind the scenes in the thirties in Hollywood.

Mother Cyndi was once convinced that reincarnation was pure nonsense, but now she changed her mind. Her son claims he was a well-known Hollywood agent in his previous life.

Cyndi had brought one day a number of books on Hollywood from the library to see if her son could remember anything. The boy could immediately point out a picture from 1932 on the set of Night After Night. He also pointed to a man: “Mommy, this is me. I’ve found myself. ”

Tucker managed to figure out that this is about Marty Martyn, a popular Hollywood agent who lived in Los Angeles and died in 1963. Ryan said he has come back to earth because Marty still had after his death a lot of feelings of guilt.



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Chanai Choomalaiwong was born in 1967 in the Thai village of Nong La Korn with two distinctive moles on his head, which initially looked like real scars. When chanai was about three years old, he told the other children that he had been a teacher in his previous life.

He called the name Bua Kai and said he had been shot. Chanai mention more details and wanted again and again to the village of Ban Khao Sai.

Eventually they went to the village and once in the village Chanai showed the road to the house of the parents of one Bua Kai Lawnak, a teacher who was shot dead in 1962. Chanai recognized family members from the past life and was able to answer specific questions about his incarnation as Bua Kai.

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Professor dr. Ian Stevenson, Tucker predecessor and first Western scientist who studied scientifically memories of past lives of young children and published it, wrote that the murder on the teacher had remained unsolved, but he was in fact shot in his head and that the location corresponding to Chanai’s moles.

The two families had never heard of each other before, Chanai started talking about his past life.

When Kendra Carter went swimming lessons at age four, she felt like a strong emotional bond with her female swimming teacher. She began to say that the baby of the teacher was deceased.

Kendra’s mother asked how she knew this, to which the girl replied, “I’m the baby who was in her stomach.” Mother of Kendra later discovered that the swimming teacher had committed abortion nine years before the birth Kendra.

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During the swimming lessons Kendra was happy and chatty, while she was very quiet at other times. At one point the swimming teacher had once a quarrel with Kendra’s mother, and the contact was broken. Kendra went into a depression and did not speak for months. When the teacher restored the contact again, Kendra began slowly to speak again.


“Plane on fire! Little man can not get out!”, Shouts the biennial James Leininger during his frequent nightmares. At quieter moments, the little James increasingly releasing details about the little man.

Toddler tells his parents Andrea and Bruce Leininger that his plane has taken off from a ‘ship’, the ‘Natoma. He was shot “by the Japanese.” He flew in a Corsair and one of his friends is called Jack Larsen.

To understand the dreams of their children, Andrea and Bruce were determined to find the man from the burning plane. Their quest leads them ultimately to war veterans and relatives of the killed fighter pilot James Huston (1923-1945).

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Especially Bruce can not believe his son really remember a previous life. But if it turns out that James Huston indeed has flown a Corsair, the Natoma Bay was an aircraft carrier in the fight against Japan and Jack Larsen was real and a veteran of Natoma Bay. Bruce can no longer ignore.

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