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Top secret

5 Most Important Whistleblowers In Top Secret Projects

Top secretBlack Projects are above top secret projects undertaken by the government. Whistleblowers risk their life to provide these shocking information.

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The black projects consist of numerous subtopics such as mind-control, hidden technologies and alien beings. Here’s a list of 5 whistleblowers you should know of.

Aaron Mccallum – Ex- Black Operative Assassin

Aaron Mccallum describes himself as a 3rd generation supersoldier. He was recruited by the military as a child and involved in a program called MKULTRA. As part of his training, he was brain washed, mind controlled and tortured.

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His missions included mainly assassinations and abductions. As part of the mind control experiences he is still being subjected to, he sometimes finds himself in places he has no recollection of going to. Aaron has mentioned the use of drugs during his missions.

One in particular is called Scopolamine; a single drop of this drug can make the victim suggestible to anything without looking suspicious and after the abduction the victim would have no recollection of the event.

In his interviews, he has revealed Project Seagate as the most important project currently occurring on the planet. Apparently, an alien facility of Sirian origin has been discovered on the coast of Yemen in the Gulf of Aden.

It has activated and caused the water above to start swirling. In a bid to prevent people from venturing in the area, the military has cooked up a false flag operation involving pirates as an excuse to have strong naval presence from many different countries.

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Cathy O’Brien – Trance: Formation of America

Cathy O’Brien is a former sex slave to US political figures. She had a tough upbringing in what she describes as a 3rd generation incestual family.

It was her own father who sold her to political figures namely Gerald Ford, the ex- US president and this was how she was introduced into the world of political sex slave.

Cathy O’Brien

In her book, Trance: Formation of America, she talks about how people are mind controlled by the CIA. The victims are subjected to high trauma, which causes the mind to have split personalities.

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When the victim moves from personality to personality, the current temporary personality does not experience time, thus making them more “obedient” during the abuse. The book was compiled as evidence and presented to Congress as evidence but no words has been heard on the subject since.

Robert Lazar aka Bob Lazar – Ex Physicist at Area 51

Bob Lazar’s involvement with the secret projects began in 1981. He believes he had been chosen to work there, not because of his credentials but because the interviewer believed he is someone who would not cause any problems. He faced no competition for the job.

He describes the security as being oppressive and in many ways slowing down the work he was contracted to do. The scientists working there had to use special goggles that allows you to only see straight for a few metres. Workers were paired, assigned to a specific compartment and not allowed to speak to anyone than their partner.

Bob Lazar

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The project he was involved in was called Project Galileo. His job was to reverse engineer a flying saucer believed to have originated from the Zeta Reticulli star system. The technology used by the disc was based on the distortion of electromagnetic field.

The craft produces a gravity wave that essentially works against the gravity field of Earth. During his time at the base, Bob Lazar says he has seen nine other types of crafts but cannot confirm whether they are all of alien origin.

Attempts on his life and that of his wife had been made since he went public but seems to have ceased.

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Phil Schneider – The Man Who Accidentally Came Across Underground Aliens

Phil Schneider is an ex-geologist and engineer who spent 17 years working in the black ops. He was mainly involved in the construction of underground facilities. In 1979, during a routine excavation, they came across an ancient installation deep underground.

Large grey alien-like beings came out and a firefight ensued. Phil Schneider killed two of them, which he described as having a very foul smell.

Phil Schneider

The remaining greys retaliated and he was injured by some kind of plasmic weapon. An armed guard helped him and consequently lost his life. Phil was one of three survivors of this incident.

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He subsequently learnt that the government knew about the greys and failed to warn them. As a result of his injuries, he developed cancer. In the final days, he became a whistleblower telling people of the activities he had been involved in.

In January 1996, he was found dead in a motel room.

Dan Burisch – Ex Microbiologist at Majestic 12

Dan Burisch is a retired microbiologist scientist who worked with the Majestic 12. He started his work with this group in 1996 on Project Aquarius. Unlike Bob Lazar, Dan’s work involved alien beings.

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The alien beings are referred to as J-rods who are in fact humans from the future of a different time line to our own. They have mutated due to the damage of their planet. There are essentially 2 groups one from 45,000 years in the future and the other one 54,000 years in the future.

Dan Burisch

The scientists at Majestic-12 have been able to create looking-glass technology, which is essentially a portal allowing them to time travel. Some of the aliens were kept captive and Dan Burisch used the looking-glass technology to help one of them escape. He was severely beaten afterwards.

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Apparently, there was a concern regarding our current timeline, which is heading down a dark path. They tried to use this technology to influence our current course. After this goal had been achieved, the technology had been disabled.

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