40 Years Later: David Hale Time Slip Story

© Geraldas Galinauskas
The year was 1988, and a young man in Rutherfordton, North Carolina, named David Hale was a bit down on his luck. He was unemployed but had high hopes of finding a job very soon. To that end Hale had obtained a list of possible employers from his local employment office. In pursuit of one of those jobs Hale found himself lost, driving down a dirt road with no clue as to where he was.

David Hale was not only lost, he in fact did not even remember driving onto the dirt road on which he found himself. He was sure that his destination must be near but all he saw was open fields to his left and woods to his right. Then a couple of hundred yards ahead he saw a turn in the road which would take him to the left. As he got closer he saw that the road turned left and then back to the right.

It was at that moment that Hale saw another car coming from the opposite direction, it was traveling far to fast, missed the turn and ran off the road and into the field, Hale thought “That guy just wrecked a classic car.” It did not appear to be a violent crash but Hale slowed and pulled over at the site of the crash. To his amazement he found nothing and after a quick look around he went on his way, hoping to make his appointment on time.

The job interview did not go well, Hale could not get the mysterious car wreck out of his mind, but the interview ended and Hale headed back home. He waited to go back onto the dirt road, hoping to once again check for the car accident. He never ran onto dirt road but he did come to the curve where he had witnessed the car go off the road.

This time he found it. The strange thing was the car was in fact a 1940’s model, but it had been in that field for many years. The paint was gone and the tires were rotted. David Hale never figured out what happened to him that day back in 1988. He is not alone however, as in what appears to be increasing numbers, people are reporting the very much unexplained phenomena of time slips.

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Jake Carter

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