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4 Powerful Ways to Boost Your Psychic Intuition

By Best-Selling Paranormal Author Joni Mayhan

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Many people have intuitive gifts that they haven’t tapped into. This could be as simple as knowing who is on the other end of a ringing phone to foreseeing future events.

Often, we repress these gifts because we’re told it’s not possible. If we receive a nudge of information, we pass it off as coincidence or assume that everyone feels this way. Those of us who have developed our gifts know better.

Step One – Understand Your Gift

Identifying and understanding your gift is important for developing it. Below are some common forms of psychic and mediumistic abilities.

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Clairaudient – In Latin, this means “clear hearing.” You might hear voices, music or ear ringing to alert you to something you should pay attention to. I’ve always heard a tone, similar to ear ringing when a ghost or spirit is nearby, but others have audible cues when something is amiss. This could be your Spirit Guides attempting to get your attention, so tune into it.

Clairsentient – Your ability for “clear feeling” might come as a tightening in your gut or the skin crawling on your scalp. Some people even feel nauseated or get cold chills. Ever hear of the phrase “gut instinct?” There’s a reason for it. If you feel this right before something traumatic occurs, it could be a sign for you.

Clairvoyant – The ability to “see clearly” means that you might often see images in your mind. If you lean towards the medium side of intuition, you might see ghosts or spirits. If you lean towards the psychic aspect of intuition, you might see a scenario play out in your mind. Some people even experience these flashes of information in the form of dreams. If you get prophetic dreams, write them down and begin documenting them to see if there is a pattern.

Claircognizant – If you have the ability for “clear knowing” you often simply know things you shouldn’t know. The information comes to you as a thought or a nudge. When you get this information, you feel compelled to follow through with it. An example would be feeling that something bad was going to happen to a loved one.

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Claircognizant – People who are Empathic are able to feel the energy around them. They can often tap into other people’s emotions and feel what other people are feeling. Never try to lie to an Empath. They have the astute ability to detect mistruths. As someone with mild empathic abilities, I’m often good at reading people and knowing who to pull closer and who to avoid.

Step Two – Embracing Your Gift

Once you’ve determined what your ability is, you must fully accept the fact that you are gifted and allow yourself to embrace it. People often compare their abilities to well-known psychic mediums and lose confidence over the fact that they aren’t as gifted.

The truth is: even the well-known psychic mediums had to start somewhere. Many people aren’t in touch with their abilities until later in life. This doesn’t mean they haven’t had the ability. It means that they probably repressed or ignored it.

Intuition is something we’re all born with. It allows us to make decisions based on our “gut feelings” without fear of failure. Have you ever had second thoughts about taking a specific route to work and then later learn you avoided a huge accident on your regular route? This is intuition at work.

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If someone tells you that it’s just your imagination, don’t allow this to stop your progress. People typically only believe in intuition if they’ve experienced it firsthand. Find like-minded people to share your experiences with instead.

Step Three – Developing Your Gift

There are many methods of developing your intuition. The same method won’t work for everybody. You have to explore them and find out which one works best for you. Below are some methods that you might try.

Meditation – One of the best ways to accelerate your progress is through meditation. It helps you quiet your consciousness and push away all the nagging thoughts that might be running through your mind. The process of meditation can be as simple as finding a quiet space for ten minutes or as in-depth as attending workshops.

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I’ve found that a good place to start is online. There are many guided meditations available that can help you. Once you begin actively meditating, you’ll find it’s easier for you to quiet your mind. I often do light meditations while I’m walking or doing mindless tasks like washing the dishes or mowing the lawn.

Connecting With Your Spirit Guides – Whether we are aware of them or not, we all have Spirit Guides who help us through our lives. Their messages might come as a thought or feeling that seems different from your normal thought patterns.

Guides can even be deceased family members who have stuck around to help you. Their messages will always be positive and will typically be given to you in the third person.

For example: you would never hear, “I should take that job.” You would hear “YOU should take that job.” A guided online meditation can help you connect with your Spirit Guides, but only you will be able to make the connection to them. Know they are there and talk to them. They typically won’t step in unless they are asked, so ask them.

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The Buddy System – While I utilize all of the tips on this page, the Buddy System is the one that worked best for me while I was developing my mediumship abilities.

I found someone who was going through the same process and began working with her. When I thought a ghost was nearby, I asked her if she felt anything. This soon progressed to us writing down our impressions and comparing them afterwards. You can also use this method for developing your Remote Viewing abilities.

Remote Viewing is the process of seeing locations without actually being there. This is different from Astral Projection, since you don’t actually leave your body. Have your buddy place a specific item on a table, then quiet your mind and allow yourself to connect with the energy of that room.

Testing Yourself – A simple deck of cards is all you need to get started. Shuffle them and place them face down on a table. Put your hand on the card and determine whether the card is red or black. If you are correct, place the card in the “correct pile.”

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If you are wrong, put it in the “incorrect pile.” After you’ve finished, count the cards. If you have more correct cards than incorrect cards, you might be onto something.

Keep trying and see if you can improve your numbers. You can also use this method to pick the quickest line at the grocery store or the fastest route home from work. I often use it when my phone rings. I try to tap into the energy and guess who is on the other end. Over time, I’ve become more adept at it, so keep trying.

Affirmation – People who are Claircognizant or Empathic need validation. If you go shopping with a friend and continue to get the nagging feeling that something is wrong, ask her.

If she doesn’t admit to anything being wrong, tell her that you’re feeling something and need the validation. She doesn’t need to give you the specifics, just the acknowledgment that something isn’t right. Sometimes the message might come as a symbol. Knowing what this symbol means might help bring clarity.

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I was once at a doctor’s office and kept seeing a seashell in my mind. When the nurse came in, she was wearing a seashell necklace. I asked her about her necklace and learned that she just returned from a vacation and was thinking about it. I picked up on her energy and saw the seashell as a symbol.

Step Four – Digging Deeper

Once you’ve latched onto your ability and are seeing progress, you will often be given another ability. They tend to “piggyback” onto one another. I started off being Clairaudient.

I could hear tones that I associated with ghosts and spirits. Once I embraced this and began working on honing my skills, I soon began getting mind pictures and started knowing things I shouldn’t have known. A big part of this second phase involves trusting your gifts. As soon as you accept the knowledge and embrace it, you unlock a part of your brain that has been dormant.

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Intuition is something we’re all born with. It can’t easily be explained and isn’t something that everyone can readily tap into. Like anything else, it takes practice and dedication before it becomes stronger.

Think of it like a muscle you are exercising and allow it to grow larger and stronger. You might not be able to predict the winning lottery numbers with it, but it might eventually help you make better choices, making your life more manageable.

Joni Mayhan is the best-selling author of 15 books, including Signs of Spirits – When Loved Ones Visit. To learn more about her, check out her website

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