3 UFO sightings reported in Canada every day

UFO Fox Mulder from Canada-Christopher Rutkowski-has shown how often Canadians report UFOs. The acclaimed ufologist is part of Ufology Research, an organization that has collected and analyzed UFO data from Canada for the past three decades.

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The latest figures released, which cover sightings that occurred in 2017, show a total of 1,101 sightings across Canada-roughly three each day. This number is also the fifth highest number of sightings since 1989.

“Quebec had an all-time record high number of UFOs reported in 2017, with 518 reports, up from 430 cases in 2016,” the report reads. “In comparison, Ontario had 241 reports, BC had 128, and both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia had 27 cases each.”

Although many of the sightings showed conventional explanations, an estimated eight percent of the total number of reports remains “unexplained.”

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“There’s no incontrovertible evidence that aliens are visiting us, although it’s a wonderful theory,” said Rutkowski. “There is a real phenomenon [that] I think is worth scientific study.”

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