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3 Different Races of Extraterrestrials

ET racesWhen people think of aliens, the most popular image is that of the “little green men,” but according to abductee reports, they come in all shapes, sizes and colours.

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As of 31st May 2019, an estimated 100 million people have reported experiencing some form of alien or extraterrestrial encounter. Of the beings described, three types are the most popular.

Alien Encounters With The Greys

Of all reported extraterrestrial encounters, the “Greys” are the most famous. Accounting for 43% of encounters in the USA and 90% in Canada, they seem to be less popular in Europe (20%) and Great Britain (12%).

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These aliens are described as being relatively short — approximately 5 feet tall — with pear shaped, small heads and large “wrap around” eyes. Their skin is normally described as grey or “greyish.”


These aliens feature heavily in well-known abduction cases such as that of Betty and Barney Hill, who claimed they had experiments performed upon them while they were abducted, and Betty Andreasson, who described a feeling of peace emanating from the aliens during her encounter.

Extraterrestrial Encounters With The Nordics

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The most popular of alien encounters reported in the United Kingdom, what have come to be known as “Nordics” are described as the most human-like of extraterrestrials.

Portrayed as having long blond (almost platinum) hair and amazing blue eyes, they are very beautiful, with the males having muscular physiques.

Nordics aliens

These seem to be the extraterrestrials that most reproduce with human beings, especially women (well known alleged abductees Elizabeth Klarer and Cynthia Appleton both claimed to have conducted sexual relationships and bore children with Nordics) and to be interested in social issues affecting humanity.

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British Air Marshal Sir Peter Harsley claims to have had a discussion with a Nordic alien named Mr. Janus who warned him about nuclear weapons and Michael E. Salla has suggested that President Dwight D, Eisenhower meet with Nordics to discuss the elimination of nuclear arms.

The Reptilian Extraterrestrials

Thought to now live underground, the Reptilians are believed to have been extraterrestrial in origin. Supporters of the Reptilian theory believe that their ancestors came to Earth thousands of years ago and mated with the occupants, producing Reptilian-Humanoid offspring (usually known as Reptoids).

These offspring have since expanded and control planet Earth, preserving their blood lines through intermarriage (amongst others, the British Royal family and several US Presidents are alleged to be reptoid).


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These alien hybrids are able to shape shift and morph into human form.

The existence of visitors from outer space has not (to date) been proved conclusively. While there are thousands of people who claim to have had abduction experiences, the possibility that these could have been dreams or the result of mental illness cannot be discounted.

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Belief in aliens is obviously strong and many believe it is only a matter of time before the extraterrestrials reveal their true purpose and perhaps themselves to the world.

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  1. Addition: the greys look humanoid as well but they dont look like a nordic shampoo model or like Bossk from Star Wars. This is the point.

  2. The whole reptilian / nordic alien story is nonsens made up to guide away from the real deal – the greys. These are real. It is biological and technical impossible to develope this appearance on other planets because the DNA (if they got something similar at all) would be wholly different. A Rose got genetically more in common with you as these guys do and you are trying to tell me that out of coincidence they look like humans? This is not possible. Dont let yourself be fooled.

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