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2015 Could Finally Be The Year of Alien Disclosure?

alien-disclosureWith information more readily available than ever and groups like WikiLeaks making top secret government files not so top secret, disclosure related to the existence of aliens is more likely now than ever. 2015 is about half over, but there are signs that we can still expect to receive the long-awaited ET disclosure before the year’s up.

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1. Secret Government Not So Secret Anymore

The UFO crash and subsequent cover-up that occurred in July of 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico likely propelled the term, “government conspiracy” into the mainstream. However, our first “official” and intentional contact with aliens occurred in 1954 under the presidency of Dwight Eisenhower. Several clandestine meetings between countless government officials that included the leader of the United States of America and beings from outer space would eventually result in an alleged formalized agreement between human beings and a race of extraterrestrials, known as the Greys.

Once the shock and awe wore off, the deal made was a simple exchange of otherworldly technology for the freedom to abduct and experiment on animals and people. Reportedly, their race was dying and the medical examinations were vital to their survival. Hence, the mutilated cattle and repressed abduction memories surfacing on therapist’s couch.

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Unfortunately, the original terms of the arrangement would be abandoned as a secret government faction continued relations over the years with the alien race, sans the president and other involved parties, for their mutual benefit. The suspected terms of the ongoing relationship secures the safety, security, freedom and power of the secret group in what will be referred to as the New World Order. The new structure puts into place a single world government that will be led by the Grey alien race and served by members of the secret society. Depressingly, the world population will submit under the extraterrestrial reign.

Under the terms of the arrangement, full disclosure of their agreement will follow the announcement of the not only the existence of aliens, but their assumed control of the planet.

2. Mayan Calendar Predicted 2015 Paradigm Shift

The Tzolkin is the 260-day ceremonial calendar used by the Mayan people for divination and astrology readings. Many of us are familiar with the past prediction that the end of the world would occur in November of 2012. Obviously, that did not happen and as some experts have always maintained, a powerful shift on the planet is predicted to occur in late 2015.

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They also argue that the calendar does not prophesize the physical destruction of our planet. Rather, a major directional change of our evolution and daily existence, a shift in consciousness if you will. Man’s existential paradigm shift will be the result of a public awareness of the existence of extraterrestrials and a new understanding of the universe based on their knowledge.

3. Message from Deep Space

In 1983, an astronomer, Hisashi Hirabayashi and his colleague, Masaki Morimoto sent a message, via a radio telescope toward the star, Altair. In an effort to commemorate Tanabata, a Japanese holiday which celebrates the union of two stars, Vega and Altair, they sent a message containing several identifying bits of information. Included in the transmission was the location of Earth, the basic structure of our DNA and common human characteristics.

While we hope for a friendly reply, it is possible that the space mail reached a hostile race and the information we provided will be used against us in some way.

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The message should have been received by the inhabitants of Altair in 1999 and assuming it was read and replied was sent, we will be receiving their response sometime late this year, in 2015.

4. Alien Communication Via Psychic Mediums

Currently, direct contact with aliens occurs not only with the secret government, but with gifted psychic mediums such as Raymond Richard. He concurs that there is a mutual benefit to an extraterrestrial and human relationship.

“Many of us have off-world, interdimensional origins and connections. I believe that we, Earth and its Life Forms, are the seed planet. On the Earth Plane we exist in a way that we are a source of new life possibilities for other worlds, planes and ourselves. As on Earth, off-world beings see within us a great potential of advancement. As they help us advance, they advance. But for some we are lab rats, the source of new life material for their salvation.” The Greys.

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5. Did Nostradamus Predict Alien Disclosure in 2015?

Ever the cryptic prophet, if only by way of a limited frame of reference for his surely confusing visions of the 21st century, Nostradamus’s prediction for the world in 2015 seems to piggy-back the alien agenda.

To quote a prophetic excerpt relevant to 2015, “Those of the center, with their mystical bird Quetzal, make unite the Eagle of the North with the Condor of the South. We will meet because we are one, like the fingers of the hand.” From one perspective the words suggest a united, happy world.

Yet, the New World Order in which mankind is ruled under one leader would also fall under that category. The mystical bird Quetzal, to some, would represent an angel from heaven arriving as a messenger from God. Rapture and the saving of those worthy will occur. To others, the bird is one of the many spaceships that will land in each major city around the globe and the world will witness the most dramatic introduction ever.

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The alien agenda conspiracy theory can be further supported as Nostradamus cites a collapsed world economy that fits nicely within a single planetary government under alien rule. The prophet also predicts that one global language will be spoken, thus uniting the peoples of the planet. Some believe the alien’s agenda is not completely selfish and will teach us to use our inherent telepathic abilities. For those who have had interaction and communication with the Greys, like abductee Sylvia Wineroth, the idea of a universal tongue is quite feasible.

“They communicate through telepathy and not with words, but pictures. They pull from your mind’s own references and convey their message using your own mental images.”

She added that while communication was simplified, access of each other’s thoughts prevents us from keeping secrets and the truth is exposed at all times.

To that end, a world awareness of extraterrestrial life and our ongoing and hopefully changing dynamic is sure to come to light soon.

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By bestselling paranormal author Gare Allen, source:

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