130-year-old people will live on Earth by 2100

Scientists from the U.S., representing the University of Washington, are confident that 130-year-old people will live on Earth by the end of this century.

Already today, the age of a person has overcome the limitation of 120 years, and in the future this trend will strengthen.

According to data relevant for 2021, there are almost half a million people in the world who are over a hundred years old. However, far fewer people live to 110 years.

The oldest inhabitant of the Earth is Jeanne Calment from France, who was 122 years old at the time of her death in 1997. The oldest person to date is a 118-year-old Japanese woman named Kane Tanaka.

The authors of the new study used statistical modeling to study human life expectancy. Scientists have studied the different risks and opportunities associated with future scientific and medical advances that could expand the limits of human life expectancy.

The analysis showed that the number of people over 100 years old will constantly grow. By 2100, there will be 125- or even 130-year-olds on Earth.

It is not yet known how many of them there will be, but at least one 130-year-old person, as shown by modeling, will live by the end of this century.

Other scientists agreed with the findings of representatives of the University of Washington, and noted that the appearance of 130-year-old people looks quite real.

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