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100 days under water rejuvenated the scientist by 20 years

Retired Navy diver Joseph Dituri’s experiment began on March 1, 2023: The man spent 100 days at a depth of about 9 meters underwater in the Atlantic Ocean. All this time he was in a high-pressure environment, which, in his opinion, was able to reverse his age at the cellular level.

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When the experiment was completed last June, Dituri said blood tests showed a 50% reduction in all markers of inflammation in the body, with 17 times more stem cells than before the experiment began, and telomeres, which are thought to be linked with prolongation lifespan.

During the experiment, the diver’s age was 56 years old, while he looked 44 years old, and when he rose from the ocean floor, his biological age was an incredible 34 years old. Then the researcher stated that he really became younger while under water.

At the ends of our chromosomes are telomeres, like the plastic tips on the ends of shoelaces. Every time human cells divide, telomeres become shorter. Once they disappear, the chromosome disintegrates and the cell dies.

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Some researchers believe that long-term maintenance of telomeres could eventually help cells live longer, which would overall slow down the aging process. This theory has not been experimentally proven in humans, however, in the hope of slowing down the aging process, some teams of genetic engineers are working on lengthening telomeres.

After the experiment, Dituri claimed that his telomeres were still shorter than they were at the beginning of life, but longer than at the beginning of the experiment. In addition, the researcher reported improved cognitive abilities during his time underwater.

It is assumed that the change in biological age is associated with life underwater in high pressure or “hyperbaric” environments. Note that modern hyperbaric chambers contain pure oxygen, but during underwater pressurization the mixture is closer to the composition of ordinary air.

After the experiment, Dituri also stated that as a result of being underwater, the number of his stem cells increased 17 times. Stem cells can develop into any other type of cell in the body, which is why they are associated with regenerative medicine.

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Note that all of the above effects were observed in Dituri after 100 days of exposure to a hyperbaric environment. About 9 months have passed since the experiment was completed and the researcher says he is still experiencing some positive health effects.

Dituri himself admits that he still treats hyperbaric therapy with some caution – research has not yet been completed, and therefore the work is worth continuing to study all possible applications of the therapy.

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