10 Places Around The World That Are Known As The Gates Of Hell

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We live in a world surrounded by mystery and unexplained things the deeper we look into a certain subject the deeper we dig because we find it difficult to stop, especially when we stumble upon something enigmatic and captivating.

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We can all agree when I say that they’re millions of haunted places around the world ranging from haunted houses to hospitals, highways, cemeteries and the list goes on and on But did you know that among all those places they’re several particular ones around the world known as the gates of hell?

Devilish places that are known to be some sort of gateway directly to hell. Let us introduce you to some of these abhorrent locations.

1. Stull – Douglas County, Kansas

Don’t let this little isolated town fool you, as much as it seems quiet and peaceful, it has a dark history behind it.

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Story goes that on Halloween nights and during the spring equinox particular “steps” open up underneath an old church that was build in that area (until it got bulldozed about a year ago, maybe two) the church was used as a place for worshiping the occult and witchcraft in later years, if you are one to look for these “steps” that are said take you straight to hell, be sure and say your goodbyes because you will NEVER come back.

Also, behind the church once stood an old tree (until 1998) a tree which told by locals, was used to hang women accused of witchcraft (Salem style) both the church and the infamous tree were mysteriously taken down by an anonymous source, which until this day no one knows who it is.

These and other stories of murder, suicide and mayhem wait for you at Stull.

2. Mount Osore- Shimokita Peninsula, Japan

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Cataloged as one of the most sacred places in Japan Mount Osore (known as burning mountain or mount fear) marks the entrance to hell and also shares a boundary with the Sanzu River.

The river that according to popular mythology and Buddhist beliefs is the one deceased souls need to cross in order to reach the afterlife.

Depending how well you did while alive, the river will determine your transition to reach the other side, those who were kind are said to transition smoothly thru a bridge or port and those who did not do so well are accompanied by dirty dingy waters full of snakes and other reptiles.

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The land is charred and full of bubbling pits filled with sulfur fumes, thus giving it the impression of hell. The land is also said to be guarded by “Jizo” of hell and guardian of children, statues are said to be all over the place filled with offerings in order to help the departed gain entry to heaven.

3. Diros Cave- Mani Peninsula, Greece

Claimed to have been the home of ruler of the underworld “Hades” from Greek mythology, the “Diros” cave is located right on the tip of cape Matapan. Originally the site of the ancient town Tenarus, the Spartans build temples of worship that were dedicated to several Greek Gods and committed thousands of human sacrifices as offerings.

On a hill located not too far from the cave, lies a temple specifically dedicated to the God of the seas “Poseidon” where the god kept watch over the God of the Underworld’s front door, in order to avoid any entrances or disruptions. Now there’s only an unused lighthouse that stands in the same place, but no one knows in actuality if there’s a real entrance waiting to be discovered underneath it all.

4. St Patrick’s Purgatory- County Donegal, Ireland

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According to legends through history, the site dates all the way back from the fifth century, and it was the place where Christ showed Saint Patrick a cave which is said to be the entrance to purgatory.

In later years, it was converted into a monastery which until this day still stands. Regular visitors are not allowed on the island but there is a three-day yearly pilgrimage where people gather and show their devotion.

Some believe that the monastic compound and its monks are the ones that guard the entrance.

5. Hekla Volcano- South of Iceland

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One of the most active volcanos in Iceland, Hekla was dubbed during the middle ages by Europeans “The gateway to hell”. When the eruptions first started back in 1104, passers, ships and locals witness how the earth would open up and bubbled up lava would make the impression of hell itself.

Superstitious locals think that the volcano is also a gathering for witches to do their bidding since the place has a sinister feel when nearby. Reports of flying shadowy figures emerging from the volcano are among the stories told around.

6. Mexican Cenotes- Tulum, Yucatan Mexico

Filled with thousands of archeological caves which at one time in our timeline were inhabited by prehistoric people (commonly known as caveman) the “cenotes” are popular and beautiful underwater caves made out of limestone which the ceilings later collapsed and became burial sites.

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An unknown person died in there years ago and now only his skull stares at divers, the way the skull landed seems like he’s reaching out to get out from earth rising up from the dead.

As beautiful as this place is our “skull man” is not alone, more than 125 bodies lay at the bottom silently, no one knows how they got there or who these people are but they have accumulated through the years.

7. Fengdu Ghost City- Fengdu County, China

Shrines, temples, and monasteries dedicated to the afterlife Fengdu Ghost City is now a popular tourist destination. With a two thousand year history behind it, it got its name from the Eastern Han Dynasty.

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When Yin Changsheng and Wang Fangping, (the combination of their names meaning ‘King of Hell’ the two imperial officials became immortal. After this, the site became a sort of door to the underworld.

According to Chinese beliefs in order for you to pass to the next life, 3 tests must be completed. Pass the ‘Bridge of Helplessness’, Present themselves for judgment before Yama, King of Hell and Stand on a stone on one foot for three minutes.

Now the tourists in the attraction get to re-live the pain and torture the souls were put thru by undergoing a re- engagement.

8. Ploutonion at Hierapolis- Denizli Province, Turkey

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Dedicated to the God Pluto the ancient site was discovered in 1965 by Italian archeologists.

The small cave (big enough to fit one person at a time) has stairs that descend where you can find suffocating carbon dioxide gas, many people died inhaling the gas thinking it was a bad omen sent by Pluto himself to warn people about getting closer to the underworld.

Ritual sacrifices of animals have been held here in honor for Pluto not to raise from the dead, now people claim that any animal that dares pass nearby (even birds) are said to die instantly.

9. Houska Castle- Prague, Czech Republic

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A magnificent renaissance-style castle featuring a gothic chapel and a knights room it was constructed on top of a bottomless pit said to be a gateway to hell in order to conceal the demons within.

People of the era were witnesses to dark flying creatures emerging from the pit and half man half animal creatures as well.

Some of the prisoners were granted a pardon if they agreed upon descending down (tied to a rope) and reporting what they saw, story goes that one brave soul decided to do so, in a matter of seconds and after screeching screams, he had aged 30 years when they pulled him back up and his hair had turned completely white.

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Since the Houska castle was constructed, the thickest concrete covers the hole where the gates of hell stand.

10. Lake Avernus- Campania Region South of Italy

Lake Avernus is a volcanic crater lake that the Romans thought to be an entrance to Hades. Underneath the lake, lies a cave which is the entrance to the underworld (according to the Romans).

Still with the dangers surrounding the lake, the Romans settled around it and build. Now the place still stands but it’s nearly isolated since people claim to hear unexplained splashing and dark shadows coming out of its leftover waters.

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By Anna Olvera, article source: Screaming For Horror on FB

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